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New to This Site?


So glad you found us! We have been waiting for you! This page will give you the ABCs so you are completely "in" with the group.

a) Where are my old friends? Click Classmate Profiles and register your name, fill in your bio, throw in some pictures, and let us know who you are today.

b) Is another ReUnion event coming up? Find the links that take you to the latest event. We've had really great events lately. Find the lastest event link and follow the instructions for a great party.

c) How can I help my classmates? You can "pay it forward" and give something back. These donations help defer in the costs of putting on a big event or helping our Union friends.

d) Want to volunteer? This is a nice way to get in touch. Do you have party planning skills? Web and social media skills? Gossip, information, and writing skills? Accounting skills? Artistic skills? Visit our "Get involved! -We need you!" tab. ReUnion and web sites don't just happen. It takes everyone. We promise you will have a good time in doing so. Email Janine at:  JanineAnnSilverman@gmail.com   

If you're not already on our FaceBook group, join us at our class page: Union High School Class of 1980 -- 40th Reunion!

Hello. We remember you. Let's get together!