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35th - Get Involved!


We need people to step forward, volunteer, and make this 35th ReUNION a smash hit! Please let us know if you want to be a part of one of these functions. As people volunteer, we will put their name in this space.

Name Tags:  (Filled)

 We need a person who will print all attending name tags for each person, enclosed in plastic pin holder badges. (1. Karen Kirsch )  


Check-In Greeters   (filled)

We will need 3 people who will check alumni in and cross-reference them off the master list.  Everyone MUST have purchased a ticket on line prior to event.  No tickets sold at the door. No cash payments.You will stay at the table for the first hour.  
(1. Lauren Sherr     2. Debi DiRienzo   3. Abbe Bialos)


Name Tag Table   (Filled)

We will need three people who will arrive one hour prior to event to layout the name tags alphabetically, & hand out name tags as alumni arrive.  You will stay at the table for the first hour. 
(1. Barbara Riccio  2. Stephanie Price 3.  Michelle Volpe)


Table Greeters, Late Arrivals  (filled)

We will need 2 people who will do as above.  You will stay at the table for the second hour only greeting latecomers and giving them their nametags. 1. Randi Stock       2. Maryellen Mench

Spring 2012Recognition Event

Photo Booth Curators  (filled)

We need two people. We are not bringing in a “photo booth” this year.  We will be creating our own DIY booth.  You will be purchasing backdrop/ fun silly photo booth props that will be used in pictures, ie:  glitter top hats/boas/giant sunglasses/mustaches/silly signs/basket to hold props, , etc.  Most things can be purchased at Oriental Trading.  We will give you a budget and you will be reimbursed.   You will also be responsible for setting up the booth.  Once booth is put together, your job is complete.
(Cindi Feinsot)  

Photo Booth Photographer

We need 3 people who will take time to snap shots of alumni once in the booth.  These photos will then be put on the UHS reunion website.  There won’t be “take away photo’s”, alumni will refer to website to view pix.  Also…many people will snap their own shots using their own Iphones.



Photo Booth Signage

We need one person to make some creative signs alerting people to the photo booth!  Need about 6-8 signs. You will arrive one hour early and put signage up.    (1. ________________ )

Photomontage Loop

We need EVERYONE to curate old pictures for a photomontage that will be played all evening on a large screen.  Submit old school pictures for photo loop:

         John Nakashian                     www.cea901@comcast.net

(when sending to John, please submit in JPEG format)

Creative Timeline School Projects Julian krinsky school of

Deceased Memory Table  (filled)

We need two people who will be accurate in researching the alumni who have passed.  You will gather pictures and create beautiful table that evening.  1-Kathleen O'Connor  2-Sue Ammiano


Seeking a team of three.  We can never have enough funds to cover all our needs, as in the ideas in these committee’s.  Being able to get contributions from Alumni, be it $10, 20, 50 or $100 helps defer costs.  We can establish/acknowledge contributors on our site even sell “ad space for alumni business cards”, etc. Open to any/all ideas.  
(1. ________________  2. _________________ 3. ____________________ )

Banquet Room Decorating  (filled)

We need a team of four that will decide on the evenings décor, ie:  table decor  Be creative & fun!  You will procure necessary items w/in the budget, bring them to site and prior to doors opening and set up.  Pinterest has great ideas when you search “HS reunions”.     
1. Kelli R.     2. Suzanne K       3. Suzanne Ring    4.  Barbara Riccio



Seeking a team of two.  Do we reach out to the “talented ones” and allow them to “jam” for us?  If it’s a cool idea, we would need a team to put this together, gather the talent/organize timeline.
(1. ________________  2. _________________ )


Contests Prizes

Seeking team of two.  Five years ago we posted a survey on our website with statistics of “most children”, “youngest child”, “longest married”, traveled furthest.  I believe we gave out bottles of wine.  (Thank you to Danny Colder who donated the wine for gifts!!)  Open to more stats, be creative.  You will gather prizes (Do you know alumni in business that can donate items, "hint hint"), and handle this part of the evening.  You will be reimbursed.
(1. ________________  2. _________________ )

BlueMercury Spa Day   (filled) .....

(GO TO "GIRLZ "WINE/CHEESE SPA"  to the left of your screen!)

Seeking team of two.  We thought it would fun to have  MASSAGE THERAPY & LUXURY BODY TREATMENTS for the girlz....Your team would contact Bluemercury direct and assist in how we can make this  a special retreat.
1. Paula Goodis   2. Maryellen Mench

Group Day Spa Treatments

Golf Guys??  Why not play a round of golf with the guys Saturday morning....if interested, contact doug martin at:  lvbluehen@gmail.comFour Men Walking on a Golf Course Photographie


Help with "bounced emails"

Need a team of two-three.  Our communications primarily come from this site and we are aware of many "bounced/old" emails that need to be updated in order to connect with everyone.  Simply find the correct emails and help update our alumni.  Really important team needed.  
 (1. ________________  2. _________________ 3. __________________ )

Reach Out and Touch...


We need as many people as possible for this group.  You will get a listing of every classmate & we need you to reach out to them and get them excited to attend the reunion.  Call/write/email/show up at their door/hunt-them-down!  Direct them to our FB page and have them register at our site http://www.unionhigh80.com  (1______2______3______4______etc....)

A great reunion is due to successful attendance!

Send everyone to our “Reunion Site” at  www.unionhigh80.com

We have 344 "joined" and 310 "NOT joined." Way toooo many alumni haven’t gotten to our site!  This means WE NEED YOUR HELP BIG TIME!  We need to START NOW.  Time is truly of the essense being that it's less than 4 months away.


Please contact Janine@lycrawoman@aol.com (put UHS reunion in subject) Let me know what committee you want to be on.  If you have your own team together, give me everyone’s name and email addresses.

Many Thanks From All Of Us!

Cindi F, Jennifer A, Danny B, JT, John N, Janine F.