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In Memory

Cheryl Ott

Cheryl Ott

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09/19/09 06:10 PM #1    

Kelli Riker (Geoghegan)

It is so sad to think of how many years have passed since Cheryl, has passed. She was so funny, She sat right next to me at Graduation, and was laughing at how even during the practices we were crying. So on that day, she kept saying Im waiting and I laughed and I said waiting for what, she said for you to start crying! Of coarse I did at the end and she had the biggest smile on her face and she was laughing. I think she might have had a tear or two. When I think of Graduation day, I always without a doubt think about Cheryl. I didnt really know her that well, but I will always have that one brief but improtant moment with her!! R.I.P Cheryl!

09/26/09 01:16 AM #2    

Marla Williams (Linton)


10/01/09 04:33 AM #3    

Douglas Martin

Cheryl was Cheryl!! Any room will be at a lost for a personality without her in it!!!

10/17/09 10:05 PM #4    

John Nakashian

Cheryl and I were Battle Hill Buds. In 5th grade we shared a baseball card collection she could out flip most guys! In 9th grade we went to the farewell together and I worked with her mom in the attendance office. she helped me graduate without having enough school days to graduate. I think of Cheryl often!

02/01/10 04:59 PM #5    

Nancy Marchwinski (Beck)

Wow, I'm surprised my cousin Laurie hasn't seen this, as they were very good friends. I knew about Cheryl's passing early on, but seeing it here...

Don't have any personal experiences with her, but I do remember her always cracking jokes.

So sad at her passing, even these many years later.


04/03/10 11:57 PM #6    

Patricia Cole-Oppel

Wow what can I say !! She was one of my very best friends throughout my entire youth. Her mom and mine were brownie leaders together in second grade.....thats when it all began. The memories are limitless between us and our tight nit group of friends......we all shared the good the bad and the ugly but man she made us have the most-exciting times of our lives back then...ABSOLUTELY GREAT! She had a crazy side and a simple side, an adventurous side and a nurturing side. I spent many many nights having dinner with her and her family and always felt welcome. ( i think everyday after school I went there). We played space invaders for hours, ate pretzels with butter and her brother always entertained us with a makeshift imitation performance of the kinks on harmonica."WAMMER JAMMER"....(i know Laurie,Theresa & Franny remember those days.) Then we all started driving and we all had to have our camaros.....best times for me. I could on and on and on..all the summers spent in Ortley Beach & Chadwick Beach at the Pancake house and then onto that awesome cigarette boat we girls flew around on !!! god those were the good ol days Thanks for letting me express myself.....nice time to look back ans smile...she is missed oh so much but I feel her spirit right beside us all the time. Been quite awhile since i thought of it all and I am greatful for the memories!! There are lots more but they are best left unsaid !

04/07/10 04:04 PM #7    

Robert Mangan

I can remember Cheryl. She was as live a wire as you could find at UHS. Always smiling and ready with a raspy laugh, she seemed to be getting a great big kick out of life. I remember her Mom worked at the school and she was a very nice lady. My condolence to her entire family. RIP.

04/28/15 01:16 PM #8    

Janine Falgares (Silverman)

Cheryl was FUN, crazy and always knew how to have a great time.  Our trip with the girls to Florida was memorable in so many ways.....  Having her mom work in attendance was always a good thing, for if you were freinds of Cheryl's, you were freinds of Mrs. Ott's.  So many great memeories....such good times.  Janine F

04/28/15 03:47 PM #9    

Jennifer Anderson (Hill)

I knew Cheryl since the days in Battle Hill!!  Was in her Brownie troop!  Her mother, Patti Cole's mother and Patti Yesko's mother were the leaders!!  Many fun times... I remember going over her house "to play" and she had this cool room off her basement that was half-sized!  A little fuzzy on the details but hey, I was only 8 years old!!  I didn't hang much with Cheryl after elementary school but she was always friendly and made me laugh! I remember feeling very sad when I heard the news she was gone... way too soon!!


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