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In Memory

Karen Bellacosa
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10/01/09 04:48 AM #3    

Douglas Martin

Always very nice!!!

10/20/09 04:35 PM #4    

Lisa Deck

Karen was such a nice girl. I remember her Dad took us to the Millburn theatre so we could see an R rated movie. He went up to the ticket booth and told them it was okay for us to see it because HE thought the movie was about a chocolate bar...it was "Looking for Mr Goodbar". Not about candy at all, we had no idea what was going on...but we just laughed and laughed over ice cream at Jahn's afterward. I will always remember that night and how much fun we had. I will miss Karen.

10/29/09 08:42 PM #5    

Marie Mirynowski-Singer (Singer)

I am so sad to hear of Karen's passing. I remember her to be so sweet and friendly to all. Marie Mirynowski-Singer

11/11/09 06:07 PM #6    

Lisa Cohen (Moss)

I'm so sorry to hear of Karen's passing. She was always so funny and sweet. She will definitely be missed.

01/28/10 09:57 PM #7    

John Graziano

I worked with Karen at Rickel Home Center. She was the nicest person. Fun-loving and efficient and always a smile on her face. I really never saw her after the Rickel days and because of that, in my memory, she'll always be perpetually 18-19 years old. A sad, sweet memory.

02/01/10 05:03 PM #8    

Nancy Marchwinski (Beck)

It's so sad to see all of these memorials to people I remember seeing in the hallways.

Karen was always nice to me, although I can't quite remember if we were in any classes together...no matter, I'll always remember her as a tall (well, to me anyway ;-), sweet person.



03/10/10 12:03 PM #9    

Lucy Rodrigues (Vieira)

Karen (The Refund Kid) and I became very good friends during the years we both worked at Rickels. (Wow, if feels like a century ago!) Not only was Karen one of the nicest and sweetest people I knew, but also very, very funny! She used to take her frustrations from work and convert them into the funniest writings that made everyone laugh at bad situations.

She always found a way to make me happy when I was down. When I was turning 20, it really bothered me that I wouldn’t be a teenager any longer (don’t I wish I had this problem now) so Karen created a new age just for me (twentyteen) and wrote the funniest birthday card about it. By the time I finished reading it, I was laughing and no longer dreading the idea of being 20!

This is the kind of person Karen was; hardworking, thoughtful and caring with a great sense of humor! I truly miss her and I’m so grateful that I got to see her at the 10th year reunion. I don’t know if she was then already sick, but to me she was the same Karen, funny and witty, as I remembered her from those Rickels’ years.

I came across her writings and want to share some of them in memory of Karen. It may not mean much to you but for those that worked at Rickels, you’ll get the point.

I miss you, Karen and will never forget you! Rest in Peace, Refund Kid!

#1: ‘The Refund Kid Takes Step Up’
Karen Bellacosa, known in social circles as the Refund Kid, recently became Head Cashier Jr. Was it because she is a good worker, a wonderful kid or an all-around nice person?

NO WAY!, comments an unidentified head cashier who happens to be 5/1, a senior at Union High and likes to clean counters a lot. Rumor has it Karen got the job because of mob connections. Just because “fingers” Bellacosa picked the lock on the safe, has nothing to do with the mob…..

Miss Bellacosa is not your typical head cashier. Some people don’t even consider her a typical person!! The “typical” head cashier is short and has medium curly hair. So therefore, Karen will not become official until she reduces her height by 2 feet and gets her hair permed!

#2: Dear Rodrigues-Face-
I came to work with 3 pens & a good attitude. In the course of tonight’s events, I am leaving with no pens & and attitude. (notice I didn’t say good!!)

Right now (8:29), I’m watching the switchboard for Lucy. Please don’t ring…. Don’t ring! It figures. I get a call from a crazed cashier wanting me to check a check. It figures.

It’s now 11:00. I was pretty busy so I never got a chance to write. I looked in the stockroom to get you more pick receipts but I couldn’t find any. Well, have a good 3 days off. See you Friday. Write back (if you know how!)

#3: Dear Miss “I’m going to Portugal and you’re not” Rodrigues-

Enclosed please find your “Remember Rickel” travel kit. It includes: Stolen Property!!!

1)Postcards- already self-addressed, there’s no
reason not to write (I even enclosed a pen I stole
off of register 4…. Marianne is going nuts looking
for it- good!!!

2)Rubberbands- Face it, Kid- you haven’t been to Portugal in a while. As terrible as it may seem – I know I shouldn’t say this but – they may actually have a Rickels store. Therefore, I want you to shoot at “Pete Portuguese” (instead of Ricky Rickel)

3)Pic Receipts – to be used when you do a pull from your father’s wallet!

You probably think just because I’m an Italian head cashier, I don’t know about Portugal. Lucy, the mere fact that I’m a head cashier should prove to you, I don’t know anything—period!!!!! Well, if there’s one thing I know about, it’s Portugal.

Portugal is a state -no wait- a country. It’s not in this neighborhood, but I think it’s somewhere near Trenton. People live there. They speak Portuguese and eat Portuguese food (only because it would look pretty stupid for them to speak Italian and eat Italian food!)

Portuguese people usually have one member of the family work in Rickels so everyone can use the family discount. Not to say there’s a lot of you, but the country of Portugal only cost $10,000 because of all the savings!! Familiar echoes included:
“Attention Mr. Rodrigues, the time is now 10:30 and Rickels has been closed for a half hour.”
Only to be followed by: “No Mr. Bellacosa, we can’t add a room so you can sleep over….”

Seriously, (to me, that’s a foreign word!!) have a safe flight, and remember… When the stewardess comes up to you and asks: “coffee, tea or a parachute?’, take the tea. I heard the coffee’s pretty lousy!!

Just think: No more lines building up and Danelli yelling. No more worrying about going off-line and forgetting about logging the call.

Get that smile off your face. That’s what I have to look forward to! Just in case you come back and I’m not there (with Marlene you never know!) my number is xxx-xxxx.) If you lose it, just consult your local bathroom wall!

I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss you - so I won’t!! Let me say that you mean more to me now than ever – about 8 hours more I have to work per week!!

Have a great trip. I’ll always be thinking of you.
Love, Karen Bellacosa

10/17/14 11:20 PM #10    

Michele Hayes

Lucy, I'm just seeing this post. What a beautiful tribute.

04/28/15 04:17 PM #11    

Jennifer Anderson (Hill)

What a great person Karen was!!  A Battle Hill buddy of mine!  Always had something to make me laugh!  A story, a joke... she was just one of those people I liked being around.  Was very sad to hear about her leaving us before her time.  --jennifer

04/28/15 09:51 PM #12    

Maureen Cahill (Heu)

I will always treasure the memories I have of hanging out with Karen at Burnet and in HS.  She was sweet, funny and always calm.  I was so sad to hear that she had passed away years later.  RIP Karen.

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